(Video) ‘That’s a big Buddha:’ Stars visit Ngong Ping

In a new episode of his travel series 48 Hours, former IT Crowd star Richard Ayoade leads Jon Hamm (Mad Men) on a whistlestop tour of Hong Kong.

Filming over Christmas, the droll pair taste offal skewers, buy corduroy suits and survive a bruising encounter with a masseur before taking the cable car to Ngong Ping.

Or as Ayoade calls it, En-gong Ping.

“That’s a big Buddha,” they agree as the bronze icon comes into view.

In Ngong Ping, they share a moment with a four-legged resident and discuss the lyrics of Kenny Rogers.

“This is the path to enlightenment,” remarks Hamm as they reach Ngong Ping Village.

“It’s certainly been paved.”

The segment starts at 30:34:

Photo (top): Screenshot

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  1. N Gong Ping.?
    Ever since this attraction was announced I wondered why a tourist destination was given a name which tourists would not be able to understand or pronounce.
    So in English why not call it Gong Ping?

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