Police investigate after two vehicles set alight in four minutes

Lantau police are investigating two nearly identical vehicle fires in the space of four minutes in South Lantau early today.

In each case a Toyota seven-seater vehicle was reversed into the front gate of a home and then set alight.

The first took place in San Wai, Pui O, at the front gate of a three-storey home at 2:49am, according to the Oriental Daily.

Apple Daily photo of the Pui O vehicle

The second was at No. 16 Shui Hau at 2:53am, where a vehicle reverse crashed into the gate and then drove forward into a fire hydrant before the occupants fled.

Fire Department officers said both cases were arson and called in the police.

The Shui Hau owner said he did not know why his gate was rammed. Police are viewing his security camera footage.

Police haven’t confirmed whether the two incidents are linked.

Photo (top):  Burned out Shui Hau car (Oriental Daily)

2 Comments on Police investigate after two vehicles set alight in four minutes

  1. Any news of what this was about, perpetrators, victims, reason ?

    • It’s still a bit mysterious. There are no links between the two homeowners, which rules out some of the more obvious scenarios. Will try to find out more about it this week.

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